Minecraft Developers Encourages Fans to Demand Oculus GO Version

Oculus Go, the standalone version of the popular Oculus virtual reality headset proved to be a success among users. One of the most important advantages is brought by the fact that you don’t need a computer in order to use it.

The device is missing one popular game that is offered by Gear VR, the main competitor. This game is Minecraft and Oculus doesn’t seem too keen on adding support in the immediate future.

It seems that the Mojang, the developer of Minecraft is encouraging fans to ask for compatibility. A developer has posted several times on Reddit, encouraging fans to ask for Oculus VR support on the official Minecraft subpage. The developer claims that he cannot offer details but keeping the thread on the top of the forum is a big sign that there is demand for an Oculus GO version.

These posts seem to further underline information released earlier by John Carmack, who declared earlier this month that progress is being made on the two apps that headline the most wanted apps on the platform. It is believed that the other app was YouTube and Google’s popular platform has recently received an official app for Oculus Go.

Currently the post has achieved 106 upvotes, a number that is quite low in comparison to other threads on the forum. If people really want the play Minecraft on their Oculus Go they should show their support in order to be noticed by the developer, which is constantly scanning the forums in order to add fan-favorite features to Minecraft.

Since Samsung Galaxy Gear and Oculus Go share the same proprietary hardware owned by Oculus a port could be done without too much effort from Mojang.

While Oculus Go offers native support for Bluetooth controllers Mojang may opt to add support for motion controllers in the future.

It remains to be seen if the fan-favorite game will become available on the Oculus Go in the following months.

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