Clash of Clans Winter 2018 Update Available to Download and Play Soon

After a long wait Clash of Clans fans can finally get a peak at the new items which will come this December within the Winter 2018 update. According to recent information, three new items are on their way and two of them are magic items.

The news was made public on December 3rd, but it wasn’t such a big surprise, because everybody was anticipating this move. Although it was initially called December 2018 update, now the event received a more suggestive name – “Winter 2018”. It’s easier to remember that you have to get new items in Clash of Clans once you know the seasons which will bring them!

Fans could have a sneak-peak inside the Winter 2018 update on the 1st Monday from December

Clash of Clans developers, Supercell, are expecting to have a successful event. However, they know that fans need a little ”appetizer” before tasting a delicious event like the Winter 2018 update. In this idea, they decided to kick off and gave us a teaser. Thus, we found out that gamers will discover three new items within the improved version of Clash and Clans: the Winter 2018 obstacle and two other magic items.

Generally, the cold season update should include special obstacles which give the user a lot of Gold when they are removed. For example, this year, players who want to get the Christmas obstacle will have to pay 25,000 Gold, but will receive 75,000 if they clear it.

Of course, the new version of Clash of Clans comes with many surprises, special offers and rewards. If you are curious to see what it brings, you should download it as soon as it appears. Don’t forget to try all the new items, because they seem to be the main attraction in the Winter 2018 update. It’s all happening this month, so stay tuned!

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