Google Maps Update Brings A New And Optimized Version Of The Google Assistant

Google Maps has become one of the favorite navigation apps, helping users get where they need as fast as possible. And now, Google Assistant joined the party in the form of the new and optimized Google Maps Assistant that wants to be your best ally on the road.

Since the launch of Google Maps in 2005, the platform has grown over the years to encompass satellite imagery, millions of points of interest, street view, step-by-step navigation, traffic conditions, public transport, and a host of useful features to users around the world. Google Maps has more than a billion active users today, making it the world’s most popular navigation app.

And now, the company is not only updating the application’s design but also its features to further enhance the Artificial Intelligence navigation experience. As part of the new features, some Google Maps users have already noticed one of the new features that Google is testing – a special Google Maps Assistant which seems to be optimized and specifically designed to be the best navigation companion.

Google Maps Update Brings A New And Optimized Version Of The Google Assistant

This news should not come as a surprise, as during the Google I/O event, the company revealed that the Google Assistant would soon come to Google Maps. Now, that’s a reality, at least for some of the users of the most popular navigation app. However, that Google Maps Assistant is not the full Google Assistant experience you’re used to when you use it on your smartphone, as it is a version optimized for navigation.

To see if you can already use the Google Maps Assistant, you can try to activate it by saying “Hey, Google” while using Google Maps or by pressing the colored microphone icon in the application. Once activated, the commands you give will be executed in the background, meaning that the navigation information will not disappear from the screen while the Assistant performs the tasks.

You can use Google Assistant to make calls, send text messages, play music, and access some other useful features while driving, all without leaving the Google Maps application.

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