Microsoft To Acquire A Medium-Sized Game Studio That Previously Worked On PlayStation Titles

Now, in the last month of the year, Microsoft has struggled to acquire some of the most potent studios in the video games industry. The most recent deal the tech giant pulled off has been the purchase of Obsidian Games, the creators of favorite games like Fallout: New Vegas or Pillars of Eternity. Obsidian joins a good sack of studios with a lot of potential where it shares the fame with Ninja Theory, also acquired by Microsoft. Now, Microsoft plans to purchase a game studio that previously developed PlayStation titles.

A Twitter user named “Klobrille” already gave information in the past regarding these negotiations, and, now, he has revealed something of great interest for the video games industry.

“Let’s make this Monday a little more interesting. I can say that Xbox is in advanced conversations (since a few months ago) with a medium-sized studio that has historically worked on several occasions with PlayStation [Sony]. I won’t give up any names as the negotiations are still going on, but it’s interesting nonetheless,” Klobrille said on Twitter.

Microsoft To Acquire A Medium-Sized Game Studio That Previously Worked On PlayStation Titles

As it’s about a medium-sized studio, several names are on the table. One of the most consensual occurrences according to the gaming community is Ready At Dawn, a studio responsible for The Order: 1886 or several God of War (Chains of Olympus and Ghosts of Sparta) titles for PlayStation Portable (PSP).

At the moment, that just a rumor, but the community has already started to think about the information revealed by Klobrille. Insomniac Games was also mentioned on several portals and forums, but the studio’s spokespersons denied it.

No matter what medium-sized studio is in question here, it comes at a good time because Microsoft recently claimed it would unleash the creativity of their studios, giving them total freedom to fulfill their “wildest dreams.”

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