PUBG Mobile Is The Most Popular Game On Google Play Store

While Fortnite is not going to fall behind, as every year Google Play Store is publishing the list of its selection of the best Android applications, movies, TV series, and books, the users have chosen PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile) as the best game of 2018.

PUBG Mobile Is The Most Popular Game On Google Play Store

The list of best apps has been organized in seven categories, among which stands out the recently released “Fan Favorites,” in which users are the ones who vote for their most preferred option. In this new category, PUBG Mobile has managed to be the most favorite game by the users.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the first Battle Royale game, but, soon after, Fortnite has become the most popular title of the genre. Since then, Bluehole and PUBG Corp have been trying to get their video game back into the spotlight. As Google Play Store named PUBG Mobile as the most popular title of 2018, the game developed by Tencent is finally beating the Epic Games’ title, Fortnite, at least on Android.

YouTube Is The Most Appreciated Application On Android Operating System

PUBG can be played on Xbox One, PC, Android and, PlayStation 4, more recently. Officially nothing is known, but there is information that points out to a PUBG release on PS4. A month ago, PSNProfiles, said that PUBG was already in the database of the Sony store, but for the moment, we got nothing from the Japanese company.

The award for best app of the year, according to Google Play Store, has been for Drops, an application that allows the learning of a total of 31 different languages. Other recognized apps have been Vimage, Slowly, Mimo, and Buzzfeed’s Tasty as the best app “for day to day.” As for the users’ favorite application, they voted for YouTube.

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