Top Five Tips that will Improve your WhatsApp Experience

With more than 1.5 billion users WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication apps in the world. The popularity of the app increased considerably after it was acquired by Facebook as the yearly subscription tax was eliminated.

Below you will find five tips that will help you get the most out of the app.

  1. How to read deleted messages

Usually when one of the users deletes a message it will be replaced by a ‘’This message was deleted’’ when one of the users tries to view it in the chat. If you want to read deleted messages you can use third-party apps like WhatsRemoved and Notification History. Both apps can be easily found and downloaded by using the Google Play app.

  1. Send your real-time location

If you are planning a family reunion or a big group meeting sharing your location may come in as a handy feature in order to let others know where you are. The function can easily following these steps:

Go to the conversation

Tap on the attachment icon.

Tap on the Share live location option and select the desired interval.

  1. Easily manage WhatsApp groups

As a group admin you are able to restrict the messaging options of normal group members. You are also able to personalize the group at any time by changing the group name, icon and description. These options can be changed by going to Group Info and taping on the Groups Settings option. Admins are also able to dismiss other admins but the group founders cannot be dismissed.

  1. Obtain a detailed report about your account

Users can obtain a detailed report that mentions the type of data collected by WhatsApp from their device and other useful information. The feature can be accessed by going to Settings/Account/Request Account Info.

  1. Change the language used by the app

In order to change the current language used by the app you can go to Settings/Chats/App Language. Tap on the desired option and you are good to go.

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