Apple Might Implement In-Display Fingerprint Sensor in iPhone 11

The design of the iPhone X has been revolutionary, prompting other brands to develop a reasonably similar scheme in their new equipment. But even though, in its latest iPhone 2018 models, Apple did not offer anything new, other than an increase in size and a more powerful CPU, it seems that they have been planning on some new features for iPhone 11 and the other 2019 iPhone devices., including an in-display fingerprint sensor.

According to a tech news portal, Apple company, based in Cupertino, in the US, would be seriously considering the possibility of coming with a new fingerprint reader.

Although it doesn’t seem to be anything new, since this security mode had already been included in its previous devices, the giant tech firm would introduce n in-display fingerprint sensor, a function that other manufacturers, such as Samsung, have already implemented.

Apple Might Implement In-Display Fingerprint Sensor in iPhone 11

Accordingly, the new feature that the Cupertino-based company wants to implement in their next year’s iPhone 11 device would be the in-display fingerprint sensor. This new functionality would form an integral part of the screen, with a technology that has been named “In Display.” However, that’s not a premiere since Samsung, and other manufacturers have already implemented.

All these rumors arise from the fact that Apple seems to be conducting some negotiations and deals with Chinese companies such as the O-Film, which would become the leading suppliers of components to develop and implement this relatively new technology in Apple’s 2019 iPhone models.

It’s a predictable move since, so far, Apple’s newest devices have only Face ID and standard security features. The ability to include an in-display fingerprint sensor would make users’ interaction with the devices much more reliable and secure, so next year we may see a new iPhone with an “In Display” fingerprint reader.

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