GTA 6 New Dateline to be Chosen by Rockstar

The team behind the game still think about what the next version of the game should be and when will it be released. There are many rumors on the internet, some say it will make its appearance next year, some that it will be released in 2020, or sometime later, perhaps in 2022. Whatever the date, the rumors will still surface, and speculation will be everywhere, about the characters and the gameplay. Other people keep asking about is the time when GTA 6 will be framed in. It’s worth mentioning that there have been some political thoughts that came as a reaction to the last game, GTA 5, that reflected the American society in a certain way – some people were not very pleased with this idea.

Will the company make the right decision?

There were some suggestions about the effect of the gameplay. The elements on the next game may be done with a certain motif in mind, that might be more evocative of the 1970s’ USA, rather than what they’re going with right now. Both Democrats and Republicans were not happy with it, so the team behind the game might play safe for their next game, and may leave out controversy of all kinds.

There’s another theory that says that South America will be the prominent idea of the game, but other parts of the USA, such as Vice City, will still be in the picture. Some even believe that the entire country will appear on the map.

A female main character

It’s been also said that there will be a female protagonist. Opinions are everywhere at this moment, but some sources say that they won’t leave out this idea, because it has true importance to the main theme and the storyline.

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