Microsoft Surface Pro Slams Apple’s iPad Naming Itself The Real Computer Alternative

The Christmas campaign is approaching and the battles to be the best-selling device are emerging on YouTube. Microsoft’s latest ad promotes the company’s Surface Go by claiming it as the real computer alternative, somewhat directly attacking the Apple’s iPad.

In a short Christmas musical, Microsoft shows us a little girl singing and dancing to the sound of the advantages of Surface Go. Correctly, the lyrics of the song read like this:

“Grandma, don’t run off and buy an iPad. Now my dreams are big, and I need a real computer to do all the amazing things I can do. I would also like to learn how to write some code and help a nice manatee. The Surface Go is what I really want, to be the smartest me,” she says.

The Surface Go is Microsoft’s device that, in their words, combines the performance of a laptop and the portability of a tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro Slams Apple’s iPad Naming Itself The Real Computer Alternative

From 449 €, with 64 Gb. of SSD and 4 Gb. of RAM, Windows 10 Home and a keyboard that is sold separately for 99 €, it is, without a doubt, a PC-tablet hybrid with Windows that you should take into account. Possibly, according to what Microsoft suggests in the Surface Pro ad they released on YouTube, the Surface Pro might be a computer with Windows for children.

And they are not wrong in comparing it to the iPad (not the iPad Pro), as both have a screen of about 10 inches (the iPad comes with a 9.7-inch display and the Surface Go boasts a 10-inch one). Also, they come with similar resolutions (a little more pixel density on the iPad), compatibility with keyboards and pencils, same weight, and the list of similarities can go on.

Whether or not the iPad is a real computer will have to be decided by each user. But there is no doubt that both Microsoft Surface Pro and iPad devices are in direct competition.

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