WhatsApp, The Most Popular Messaging App Of The Moment, Would Stop Supporting Older Smartphones In 2019

Starting with 2019, on some mobile devices, the WhatsApp application will stop working with constant updates, as the operating systems and some devices became too old for the popular instant messaging app to work flawlessly.

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is the most popular and appreciated messaging application around the world. Developed independently, WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook a few years ago and became one of the most popular messaging applications in te world. It allows users to send text messages, initiate video calls and voice calls for free. WhatsApp only requires an Internet connection to work.

However, next year, WhatsApp will stop working on some older smartphones and operating systems. As a consequence of the constant updates of the application that arrive more and more frequently, and the new and more sophisticated features the WhatsApp application implements on a regular basis,  many mobile devices would not be able to allow users have a flawless experience with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, The Most Popular Messaging App Of The Moment, Would Stop Supporting Older Smartphones In 2019

Whatsapp will stop working on all those devices that have an Android 2.3.7 operating system, Apple iPhones mobiles that have IOS 7 or lower, and the Nokia S40, running the old-school Symbian OS.

The users of the before-mentioned devices would not be able to make new updates to the WhatsApp application, so, once the current version of the most popular instant messaging app expires, users won’t be able to re-create their accounts on WhatsApp.

Apple has not disclosed WhatsApp usage on iOS 7 or lower, but, according to Google’s data, there are about 6 million smartphones in the world using WhatsApp on Android 2.3.7 or lower. The measure would, therefore, affect about a dozen users on both iOS and Android, if we estimated that the number of iOS 7 WhatsApp users are at least equal with those on Android 2.3.7.

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