YouTube To Add Automatic Playback On Homepage On Both Android and iOS Versions

Google updated its YouTube app, once again, and added a new feature that allows users of the mobile version of YouTube automatically playback videos directly from the app’s homepage. The function is available for both Android and iOS. Of course, anyone can deactivate it even though it’s by default activated. If users prefer, the new function can be set to only work when on a WiFi network.

YouTube To Add Automatic Playback On Homepage On Both Android and iOS Versions

In the world of video streaming services, Google’s YouTube is the most popular and appreciated one, especially on Android and iOS mobile operating systems, primarily because it is a free app boasting a huge video content.

“Coming to Android & iOS over the next few weeks… Autoplay on Home! Preview a video while you scroll or watch the whole thing on mute with captions. To turn on/off or customize to play only on WiFi, go to Settings -> Autoplay -> Autoplay on Home,” YouTube team wrote on its official Twitter page.

The Upcoming YouTube App Feature To Benefit Content Creators, As Well As Users

As expected by Google, the new function in YouTube Android and iOS versions, when activated, should beneficial for mobile users. On the other hand, the best thing of this feature would be to benefit content creators who could raise additional income and more subscribers and viewers from the automatic playback function which would run silently but with captions whenever a user hovers over a video on YouTube homepage.

A video made by YouTube director David Sharon explains how that new function will work. According to him, the automatic playback on YouTube homepage would not consume mobile data and would allow users to configure it in different ways, depending on their desires.

This feature has already been available in the YouTube Premium version, but now it would roll out on the standard YouTube versions for both Android and iOS.

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