Microsoft Edge Will Finally Arrive On MacOS

With the arrival of Windows 10, the Microsoft team announced the arrival of Microsoft Edge, a much faster web browser that, at first, came to replace the classic Internet Explorer, but has gradually been reaching more and more platforms with a multitude of new features. Now, Microsoft Edge will finally arrive on macOS, too.

Recently, Apple decided to make a series of changes with the macOS, while Microsoft has planned to take their Internet browser to more operating systems. In the first place, Microsoft has implemented Edge on their latest operating system, Windows 10, by default. However, to improve security and user experience on their older operating systems, Microsoft released Edge versions for Windows 7 and 8, too.

However, the most exciting piece of information came recently from TechCrunch which announced that Microsoft Edge would officially arrive on macOS, but they did not reveal when is that going to happen.

Microsoft Edge to finally arrive on macOS

On the one hand, the date when Microsoft Edge will reach macOS is unknown, for the time being, since Microsoft has not yet revealed any official information in this regard. Thus, it seems that it would go for a long time and that until next 2019 we would not see anything new on this topic.

On the other hand, we also do not know the functions or the design that Microsoft Edge for macOS would incorporate, although we expect to see something similar to what is the Microsoft Edge browser is currently offering on Windows and other platforms. Of course, we also assume that Edge would incorporate the required elements to fit into the Apple ecosystem correctly.

Although as we said there are still no dates or official confirmation by any of the two companies, Microsoft or Apple, it would be quite logical to see an official Microsoft Edge version for macOS because, after all, there are many people who use other Microsoft applications on their Mac every day.

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