Pokémon Go: Trainer Battle – Can You Really Battle Your Friends?

Pokemon Go has recently introduced the PvP trainer battles, the thing that allows the players to compete against other players online and locally. They fight one-on-one, or in competitive trainer leagues, so the Pokemon masters can be named. This is a very pleasant change for the game – truth be told, it needed the multiplayer feature ever since it got launched.

What are trainer battles?

These trainer battles are one-on-one fights that put a player against another local trainer, or simply let two users compete online.

Can you battle your friends?

The answer is yes. If you’re Best Friends or Ultra Friends, (which are the two highest tiers of friendship), then you can send each other invites to battle with the help of the Friends list. Keep in mind that you cannot battle against your Good or Great Friends.

Can you battle users locally?

If you want to battle another player in person, then you both have to be in the same trainer league. You need to swap battle codes (which are different than the trainer codes that are sued to add people to the friend’s list). Battle codes are unique QR codes that a user should scan for sending a battle invitation to another user. These battle codes are assigned to all the players and can be found in the battle menu.

How do the PVP battles work?

Two players are needed for trainer battles, each allowed with a set of three Pokemon – which is a very big change for the game, since every player was allowed to have 6 Pokemon each of their side. Players can now customize their battle party in time, and then select it once the battle begins. Players will select which Pokemon to use and then to send out to fight against the other player in real time. However, you need to keep in mind that a cooldown timer will stop you from swapping between your Pokemon.

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