Skyworld PSVR Version will be Available in Early 2019

Skyword is a popular VR game that offers an interesting blend of turn-based and real-time battles set in an original and creative miniature world.

Players are able to take control of an army and fight their way in a rich story-mode that will offer challenging maps and force them to take the wisest decisions possible.

After the player opts to start a mission he is transported on a map modeled after a tabletop game, with several themes being available. He or she can dynamically interact with the objects that are on the board.

At his castle, the player will be prompted to hire a general. Older fans of fantasy RTS games will immediately realize that the general is a throwback to the sturdy hero units that offer support in other games. The general will explore the map at first, tracking down important points of interest that can be used later in the game.

While the general explores the map the player will have to decide which buildings need to be constructed and where to place them. Some regions are better for certain types of building and the player should pay attention to their resources as buildings and upgrades will become more expensive over time.

Combat is simple yet exciting. The player has a pool of eight cards that can be selected, and four of them will be randomly available during the battle. The cards can be used to summon units or play powerful spells that can change the odds of the battle.

A multiplayer mode features 1 on 1 battles that can be quite engaging as you never know what the other player will do next. The game has been quite successful on Steam where overall reviews are very positive.

Skyworld has been available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive since 2017 and some users hope that the PlayStation version will feature cross-platform multiplayer.

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