Super Smash Bros Ultimate Launches Tomorrow, Worldwide, For Nintendo Switch

On December 7th, at midnight, Super Smash Bros Ultimate rolls out worldwide. That would be the new title of the popular video game series, which broke pre-sale records on the Nintendo Switch and in the history of the Smash Bros franchise.

The franchise that began in 1999 with the game “Super Smash Bros” has sold about 40 million copies on the different consoles on which the games of the series arrived, that without counting the sales of the new title that is unique thanks to the feature of reuniting all the characters of the franchise into one game.

To carry out this work, it was necessary the collaboration of designers, producers, and developers of the more than 30 franchises, which results in a title in which 74 characters are present initially.

“The game is new because it brings together characters and scenes from all the previous titles, and of which there are high expectations because it already breaks pre-sale records,” said Bill Van Zill from Nintendo.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Launches Tomorrow, Worldwide, For Nintendo Switch

“Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the game that has more pre-sale on Nintendo Switch and [among the title of the franchise]. It’s a totally new game, it has all the characters that the franchise has had during the 20 years it’s been running, and it starts with 74 characters and new scenarios,” Van Zill added.

Nintendo also revealed that the expectations it got regarding the sales of the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate are high and that it also expect some very positive reviews from both gamers and critics. Also, the new title of the popular series allows up to eight players to participate when playing online, as well as the possibility of a coop mode, which will enable the experience with Super Smash Bros Ultimate to be enriched beyond what previous titles have offered.

Super Smash Bors Ultimate launched tomorrow, Friday, December 7th, worldwide, for Nintendo Switch.

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