Xbox Two: Everything You Need to Know About “Scarlett”

We’ve all seen that the Xbox Two got its own codename – Scarlett. Well, Scarlett is supposed to be the next big console from Microsoft, that’s going to be the rival of Sony’s next-gen hardware. Everyone is hyped about Microsoft’s future console and everyone asks the same questions about specs, price and features.

When is the release date?

As per Thurrott, this console will be released in 2020. Some articles said that it will be released on the 15th of November, or even sooner. Also, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is supposed to be released in 2020. However, Tsuyoshi Kodera the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said that it would take at least three more years before PlayStation gets released, so it means that PlayStation 5 won’t make its appearance until 2021. We don’t know for sure yet.

What’s the price?

According to Dexerto, the price is supposed to be the same for both of them. Sony will probably put the price tag at $500, so the price should be around that.

What are the specs?

We know this from Dexerto, too – because Xbox Two is expected to be the rival of PS5, so they are probably going to have the same specs. However, it’s been said that the next-gen hardware will run 4K/60fps.

What are the games?

We’ve heard many rumors about this, especially for a certain YouTuber that has a conversation with Vice President Mike Ybarra of Xbox Corporate. The company asked the game studios to make the best game titles. According to a leak on the internet, Microsoft talked to the gaming studios (yes, there are more than 1, both big and small), about bolstering up its line of Windows 10 and Xbox developers.

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