GTA Online will Soon Receive Cool Updates and This is Great News for Fans

These last few weeks have been very intense for Rockstar. Even if they seem to be pushing the Red Dead 2 Online Multiplayer Beta back, developers have some good news for GTA fans. It looks like the Online version of Grand Theft Auto 5 will soon receive some DLC updates.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was the main headline since it appeared. It looks like the game was sold in 17 million copies throughout the world. This number overpasses Red Dead Redemption 1, but doesn’t come close to GTA 5’s performance. The 5th version of Grand Theft Auto was sold in over 100 million copies since it was released. Even so, the community couldn’t find out more information about the GTA 5 Online release.

Developers confirm that they are ready to support new updates for GTA Online

Even if they have their hands full with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Online version of the same game, developers still found the time to prepare new DLC updates for GTA Online. According to Rockstar’s representatives, they wanted to do this because they realized how much money is made from micro-transactions within GTA Online.

Another explanation could be that developers are counting on the game’s success for covering the Red Dead 2 Online’s push back. Strauss Zelnick, President and CEO at Take-Two Interactive, said that it’s too early to launch the online version of Red Dead Redemption2.

However, fans should expect to see the beta version of this game soon. Until we get to play GTA 5 Online with DLC updates and the Online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, we can enjoy the other games from the franchises. We don’t know if they will focus on the multiplayer mode or provide other intense experiences, but let’s wait and see!

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