Xbox Scarlett Leaks Revealed That The Console Might Boast AMD Zen 2 Architecture

Although next-generation consoles have not been announced, we know that both Microsoft and Sony are working on Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5, respectively. Both will again bet on AMD CPU and GPU, according to the recent leaks. Now, Xbox Scarlett leaks revealed more details on the next-gen console from Microsoft.

Although Xbox One and PS4 appear to be recent, a sensation caused by the launch of intergenerational consoles such as Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, this is really a generation of five years old. The current-gen consoles, released in 2013 in their initial models, are already starting to show symptoms of exhaustion, and both Americans and Japanese companies are working on the next-generation video games consoles.

All rumors point to a presentation of PS5 in 2019, a console that will assemble AMD Zen architecture, rather than the outdated Jaguar that the console currently carries. Microsoft already confirmed that it was working on new consoles, one of them with the code name “Xbox Scarlett,” as well as another machine that would be focused on streaming games.

Xbox Scarlett Would Boast AMD Zen 2 Architecture

Now, thanks to new Xbox Scarlett leaks from Brad Sams, one of the most famous insiders specializing in Microsoft rumors, we have the first details on the next-gen console from Microsoft. According to Sams, Xbox Scarlett would launch in 2020, and the console would be built with AMD Zen 2 architecture.

With AMD Zen 2 architecture, the new Xbox Scarlett would be able to play games at 4K and 60 frames per second. The current Xbox One X already achieves that in some games, so we imagine that they refer to 4K and 60 frames at best possible quality and without having to choose between resolution and frames per second, as currently happens in games like Forza Horizon 4.

The E3 2019 could be the ideal date for the presentation of the new Xbox Scarlett, especially since Sony announced that it will not participate at the next year’s event.

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