Xender 4.2.5.Prime Available to Download: Transfer Files and Share Music in No Time

This is said to be the best sharing app on the entire internet. You can share any kind of files from any place at all times. The best part is that is works without mobile data usage. Also, it’s way faster than Bluetooth. It supports Android and iOS, plus Windows, Mac, Pc and Tizen. You won’t need a USB connection or a PC software installation. This article was written for you to understand better the Xender 4.2.5.Prime app.

What are the features?

  1. Transfer files faster, in seconds even – the highest speed reaches 40Mb/s.
  2. Share any kind of file without any kind of restriction – from documents, to videos, pictures, music, even apps.
  3. No network connection – no data usage or cables. It works without internet.
  4. Send large files, with no restrictions – any kind of file of unlimited size.
  5. Cross platform transferring – it connects phones and tablets and PCs or Mac and you can even share files between various operation systems, like iOS, Android or Windows.
  6. Smartphone replication – all your files from one device to another one in just one step.
  7. File manager – you can view, move or delete files that you received and also make a backup copy when you need to delete files in order to clear your phone storage.
  8. Connected friends’ mobile apps – many apps from your friend’s device can be introduced in your device when you connect successfully; it’s all one click away.
  9. User-friendly design – it’s satisfying with regards to installing and uninstalling, deleting, viewing and opening.
  10. Share photos to your friends – all of them by sliding.
  11. It supports more than 10 languages.

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