Google Chrome: Version 71.0.3578.83 Download Available with New Changes

We’ve all known that Google Chrome is very easy to use, fast and secure web browser. It was specifically designed for Android, and it brings you personalized news articles, downloads, Google Search, quick links (that go to your favorites sites), and even Google Translate built-in.

What are the features?

Type less, browse fast

You need to choose from personalized search results that appear automatically as you type and quickly browse the visited web pages. Autofill will help you a lot.

Incognito browsing

You can use the incognito mode to browse the internet, without it saving your history. It’s all private and it’s all across all of your devices.

Sync Chrome across all your devices

When you start singing into Chrome, all of your bookmarks, settings and passwords will get automatically synced on all of your devices. You can access all your info from your laptop, phone and tablet.

Get all your favorite content

It’s true, Chrome is fast, but you’re one tap away from all of your favorites sites. You can simply tap your favorite news sites or social media platforms directly from the new tab page.

It also has one feature called “Tap to Search”, which allows you to tap on any word or phrase from a website to start a Google search, while you’re still on that page.

Google safe browsing

As you probably already know, Chrome has Google Safe Browsing built-in. This keeps your phone safe, just by showing warnings then you want to access dangerous sites or even download dangerous files.

Google voice search

Chrome comes with a web browser with which you can talk. You can use your voice to find answers to your questions instantly, without actually typing a word. This way, you’ll navigate faster, just by using your voice.

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