TutuApp Update – Pokemon Go Related Fame

The Chinese are innovative people and technology is one of their favourite lines of action. Over the years they have developed and implemented different things in the tech area, from gaming to ecommerce.

One of their coolest creations is TutuApp, an application that enhances the gaming experience. This APK facilitates the users’ access to many games and makes entertaining factors work better and faster on smartphones.

The first ones who used TutuApp were, of course, the Chinese. Very soon, the app became popular among English speakers, so the inventors released an updated version in this international language. Now, the whole world knows about the so-called “best iOS and Android helper”.

TutuApp gained its fame when it released the modded version of Pokemon Go

Everyone heard about Pokemon Go, but how many people know that TutuApp was the first platform who released the modded version of the game? Thanks to the apps features, the augmented reality game included location, GPS and walking hacks.

Those who want to download TutuApp should know that they have two options – TutuHelper Regular and the VIP format. Both of them come with amazing features:

  • They are available for free download on both Android and iOS devices;
  • Users can have all paid apps and games for free;
  • Any version doesn’t take a lot of storage space;
  • They come with built-in cache cleaner for removing all jump files before they cause any trouble and for enhancing the device’s performance;
  • The built-in memory optimizer is very efficient;
  • Users can transfer data and files between device by using a Wi-Fi network;
  • Both versions come with tools for managing date, time, contacts and more;
  • You can access games and apps without logging in to the Play Store or Apple iTunes;
  • You don’t need to root or jailbreak your device for making TutuApp work;
  • The interface it’s very easy to use and the navigation is as uncomplicated as the other features.

Like we mentioned before, TutuApp can be installed on Android and iOS devices. Download and installation are not complicated; you can find online tutorials that guide you throughout the process.

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