Pokemon Gen IV Sprites Were Leaked in Pokemon Go’s Network Traffic

There’s one thing about Pokemon: the 4th generation that started to appear in Pokemon Go ever since October. We’ve seen how they like to keep us impatiently and release the gen 4 Pokemon in stages.

We’ve recently seen how eight new spirits were leaked by Chrales, that we know of to be a data miner that has an amazing track record of discovering new sprites and features in Pokemon GO’s network traffic.

We have recently found out from Chrales that four new Pokemon species come with proper sprites that can be downloadable by the game automatically. For free.

Two of these Pokemon are actually evolutions from previous Pokemon generations (namely Yanmega and Tangrowth). This thing makes it even more interesting. Perhaps we can call January and February the months of “nature reawakening”, since they plan on introducing those two Pokemon then.

Moreover, the Yanmega and Tangrowth sprites are presently available, all the cross-gen Pokemon that evolve in Generation IV, that have either normal or shiny sprites. Only some of them are released, it’s true, but all of them are soon to make their appearance. We just have to wait a bit more.

In its original Twitter posts, Chrales said that he’s two days late, but some of the missing Pokemon sprites were added, and a lot of gen4 3D models were updated without having any important visual change.

Other things to keep in mind:

Ingress Prime Celebration from Pokemon Go got a celebratory in-game event, which was defined by shiny green Cubone and blue Ponyta to be available for the capture. Players will also get their in-game avatar items for free, in support of Ingress Prime. Also, new Ingress style shirts are available in the game.

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