Apple Accused Of Knowing About the Bug that Kills Data from iOS 12.1.1 before the Update was launched

The tech giant founded by Steve Jobs is in the centre of a big scandal nowadays. Users who had their mobile data connectivity compromised by iOS 12.1.1 accuse Apple of knowing that this will happen even before the big launch. The company doesn’t seem willing to take responsibility, so it doesn’t mention anything about fixing this flaw.

The information was made public through a report recently published by Forbes. It looks like several iPhone owners noticed mal-functionalities within their cellular data after updating their devices to iOS 12.1.1. The users who faced this problem also noticed that their smartphones showed signs of unusual behaviour.

The problem doesn’t affect all users, but it still needs to be fixed

Some voices from the iPhone community say that it’s possible to browse the Internet by using Safari, but this method doesn’t work for those who are trying to connect by using apps. Other members of the same community state that users need Wi-Fi connection for accessing the Internet, regardless of the apps or browser installed on an iPhone with iOS 12.1.1.

Whatever the reason might be, it looks like there is no possible fix for this bug right now. Users who experience the mentioned data connection issue are advised to contact Apple and ask for their support in solving this matter.

Contacting Apple might not be the solution, because chances are that the company had already known about the bug. According to some opinions, they had been aware of it even before the new OS was released. Some rumours say that several beta testers reported the issue while the latest iOS version was still under development.

The Cupertino-based company hasn’t made any announcement regarding a possible bug fix, so we cannot say when and if it will happen. Users might have to wait until the next update, but this depends on the number of affected devices.

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