Skype Preview Can Be Downloaded Now

A new update is available for Skype Preview. If you are a Skype Insider, make sure that you are up to date. It is very important that you have the latest updates, so you can test them as soon as possible. Skype Preview comes with a minor improvement for Windows 10.

The new version makes the System Tray available on Windows 10. This means that whenever you open Skype, the icon will show up in your taskbar. In addition to that, if you have any unread messages, a small badge will show up.

“We’ve heard you loud and clear! System Tray is now available on our latest Skype for Windows 10 Insider build. The System Tray icon will be displayed whenever Skype is running and will show a badge for an unread message,” read the forum post.

Some users have reported that the update is rolled out slowly, so it might take some time until it will finally reach you. Be patient, and the new feature should be available on your computer soon enough.

What Is Skype Preview?

Those who want to be the first ones to find out about Skype’s new features can download Skype Preview so they can be the first ones to try them out. Feedback is very important if you are a Skype Preview user, so you need to keep an eye out for possible errors.

Most importantly, if you download Skype Preview, you have to remember that this is not the final product, so things might now be perfect. In order to offer feedback, all you need to do is tap the heart icon that shows up on the main screen. Then you will be able to type your comments, and they will reach the Skype team.

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