Super Smash Bros Ultimate Has Become The Best-Selling Video Game Of 2018 On Amazon US

The latest release from Nintendo, Super Smash Bros Ultimate was released last Friday, December 7th, for Nintendo Switch after a long wait for the fans. Just four days later, it’s become Amazon US best-selling video game of this year. The saga is one of the most popular of the Japanese company, and its success was predictable.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Has Become The Best-Selling Video Game Of 2018 On Amazon US

In fact, Nintendo’s success is palpable if you take a look at the list of best-selling video games from Amazon US, where behind the newly released Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there is Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch.

Just three days after it came out, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has become the best-selling video game of 2018 on Amazon US. Up to position 18, occupied by Red Dead Redemption 2, all games belong to Nintendo.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch Is The Fastest-Selling Games Across the UK

In addition to that, the game has also broken records in the United Kingdom where it has become the fastest-selling game, selling four times more than the first installment for Wii U in just three days.

In its first weekend, the franchise’s new adventure has also sold 62% more than it did for the Nintendo 3DS system, according to Gfk’s latest report.

The Most Recently Released Nintendo Switch Title Shapes Up As A Mass Phenomenon

It’s clear that Super Smash Bros Ultimate has become a mass phenomenon and will probably continue to break records in no time. We’ll have to wait until Christmas to see if it becomes the favorite gift for children and adults, as well.

Also, the game unites all the characters of the other releases of the series and not only, so the Super Smash Bros Ultimate gamers’ enjoyment is secured.

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