Android Q Would Center On Artificial Intelligence And 5G and Foldable Phone Support

This year is coming to an end, so we’re already looking forward to what the new year is going to bring. As for what Google has in the bag for us in 2019, we can say that Android Q, chatbots, and 5G and foldable phone support are going to become available next year.

Google To Add 5G and Foldable Phone Support In Android

The renowned Internet and tech company, Google, is going to focus more on AI (artificial intelligence) systems for its next year’s devices and software releases. We should expect AI to come to Android more and more in 2019 to ease up users’ tasks. In this regard, Android Q, which is rumored to roll out in 2019, would get chatbots based on artificial intelligence for businesses’ customer services.

Also, in 2019, Google plans to update its future Android OS version with 5G support, as the new technology is going to deploy during next year in the majority of the countries around the world. Also, as foldable phones are already announced for 2019, Google plans to support the new concept in Android Q.

Android Q To Come Out In Q2 or Q3 2019

Android Q has been rumored as the next Android version that Google is planning to release in 2019. Google did not reveal much about its next project regarding its mobile operating system, so what we know about Android Q is very limited.

According to some reports, Android Q won’t come out with so many new features as it has been the case with Android 9 Pie, but we should expect some improvements to be implemented, primarily to support foldable phones and 5G since, as we’ve already mentioned, Google also plans to come up with new Android features in that regard. While Android Q won’t boast significant design changes, we’re pretty sure that the next year’s Google mobile OS version would center on artificial intelligence and security features.

Be it as it may, 2019 would be an excellent year for Google and its Android operating system.

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