iPhone SE2: What We Know So Far About the Brand-New Handset

The company Apple has this SE range of phones that seem to be pleasant for everybody. We’re not sure of the release of iPhone SE2, but we know that it’s certainly happening (at some point). The initial model was released in 2016, and the company might release the final model in 2019.

There have been two events, and the company has said nothing about it. At present, iPhone 7 is the single one that’s more affordable out of the entire series brought by this company.

The company has probably seen iPhone XR as the perfect replacement for SE, but the size of the screen is quite a good hint that fans don’t want screens that small. The question is: does this mean that the company will stop selling the smaller handset?

When’s the release date?

The original date was September 2018, but that did not happen. Fans also don’t know if the new phone will replace the original SE phone. iPhone SE2 will get launched later, probably, in the Summer of 2019 (that’s three years after the launch of the very first SE handset).

What’s the price?

iPhone SE comes with 128 GB or 32 GB, with prices of $449 and $399, respectively. The prices for the SE2 models are probably similar. However, if the phone has more features to offer, like the 6.1-inch LCD screen, let’s say, then the prices will most definitely won’t be similar.

What’s the availability of the handset

Also, it’s possible that the phone won’t be available everywhere. We’ve heard that it may be available in India – and it’s understandable since the company has in mind the idea of making the handset cheaper in different territories around the globe.

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