UC Browser Version 12.9.7 Adds Support For Short Videos Section, Among New Improvements

UC Browser is one of the most popular Internet browsers for Android and iOS, and it boasts several cool features that other similar applications do not have, yet. Now, the recently released UC Browser Version 12.9.7 brings another new feature, namely, the support for short videos section, along with several other improvements.

UC Browser offers users an alternative to the preinstalled browser on their smartphones or tablets, with features such as fast download, data consumption management, and ad-blocking functions. With UC Browser, users can also listen to music, watch videos, and watch live broadcasts or TV series and movies with ease. In addition to that, UC Browser also features a night mode.

One of the best features of this browser is its high speed, to which must be added its low memory consumption and high-quality images it can display. UC Browser also supports fullscreen navigation and come with a built-in download manager and tabbed browsing.

UC Browser Version 12.9.7 Adds Support For Short Videos Section

Among the latest functions added by UC Browser 12.9.7, there is a fully customizable homepage with festival themes and the new support for short videos section. On the homepage of the browser, you’ll see a whole new section, mainly designed for videos, allowing users to play or download various short videos.

The new short video section is split into two tabs, namely, “Recommended” and “UC Show.” The “Recommended” tab allows users to watch horizontal videos, while the “UC Show” category is only for vertical videos playback. Besides, UC Browser also supports non-buffering playback on WiFi connections.

In other news, “Find Diyas, Win Prizes” is the new campaign UC Browser runs at the moment and allows users to win UCoins and other prizes for finding Diyas. Also, UC Browser’s users who read, share, or comment on the news within the browser, will be rewarded with UCoins much more comfortable than usual. Make sure you’re logged in to the UC Center to grab your rewards.

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