FMWhatsApp Is The Best WhatsApp Mod – Here’s Why!

FMWhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp mod on Android devices. Thanks to its many features, FMWhatsApp is a trending application but, unfortunately, it’s only available for Android, so, in case you’re an iOS user, you have to rely on other mods for the renowned instant messaging app, WhatsApp.

The unique functions of FMWhatsApp are the only reasons why this Android app is so popular among users. And this application sums up a whole bunch of useful features, including high-quality video calling, WhatsApp payments, and file sharing, among others.

FMWhatsApp Features That Make This App The Best WhatsApp Mod

App Lock

FMWhatsApp comes with a built-in App Lock function that allows users to secure the application. It comes with various locking modalities, such as pattern, pin, and fingerprint. The most recent version of FMWhatsApp also brings facial recognition locker.

Enhanced Privacy

Even though WhatsApp added several privacy features, including the possibility to hide your online status, as well as typing and recording statuses, FMWhatsApp brings additional privacy functions. With FMWhatsApp, the best WhatsApp mod, users can also disable the so-called blue ticks, delivery status, and more.

Unwanted Calls Filtering

You might come across unwanted calls from your contacts on WhatsApp or unknown numbers. While the WhatsApp is only allowing us to block the numbers to stop receiving calls from them, FMWhatsApp comes with unwanted calls filtering feature that permits users to block only those calls from unknown numbers, among others.

Personalization and Themes

The original WhatsApp version is offering a few personalization features, but the best WhatsApp mod, FMWhatsApp, comes with many customization functions, including various themes, as well as background images, among others. In reality, FMWhatsApp is entirely customizable which make it a great experience.

File Sharing

With FMWhatsApp, users can share virtually any type of files, including archives, documents, images, videos, and install packages, among others. The best part of it is that FMWhatsApp, the best WhatsApp mod, allows users to share as many files as they want, regardless of their size.

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