It Looks like Google Pixel 4 might be Perfect for Augmented Reality Fans

Like every other mobile company, Google is preparing to launch new phones in 2019. Lately, we keep hearing some news that the company is working on developing a mid-range of handsets, suitable for those who want to enjoy the wonders of modern technique at a more budget-friendly price.

We are talking about Google Pixel 3 XL that might also come with a Plus version. This story is very new, so we don’t know much about it until we will find out some official information. However, it looks like something fresher ”is cooking” at Google’s production labs.

The company seems to be working on developing an augmented reality master, the Google Pixel 4

In 2019 we will see some wonders of technique, not just simple smartphones. Google has to keep up with the foldable Galaxy and the S10 anniversary gadget. Apple is about to release incredible handsets as well next year. In this case, Google is ready to address AR fans.

According to recent leaks, this company is about to revolutionise the mobile industry with its Google Pixel 4, one of the most outstanding phones ever released by the tech giant. The new handset could be called Bonito or Sargo.

Even if the name hasn’t been established yet, Google fans who love to play with augmented reality will be crazy about the smartphone as soon as they see how it works. In fact, ”tech geeks” say that everything in this handset could be about augmented reality.

Android Police states that Google’s latest ARCore APK is the first source to tease the mentioned names. In any case, recent activity from inside the company reveals that the new devices released by Google in 2019 will be based on cameras with augmented reality features.

Other rumors say that Google Pixel 4 will have a foldable screen, but maybe developers don’t want people to think that they are stealing Samsung’s idea. It’s interesting to see how things will evolve, but we might have to wait until October 2019 to see this new phone from Google.

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