PlayStation 5 – Everything We Know So Far

Recently, Sony announced that it wouldn’t participate at the E3 2019, news that shocked many of the video games industry enthusiasts. However, at the same time, the Japanese company announced that it would reveal something significant in 2019, and fans believe it would be about PlayStation 5, the next-gen console of Sony.

On the other hand, Sony did not reveal anything meaningful about its future PlayStation 5 console, so everything we have comes thanks to leakers and rumors. However, we know for sure that Sony is currently working on the PlayStation 5 (or whatever it would call it, as it might come out with another name).

PlayStation 5 Would Come Out Between 2019 and 2021

As I’ve already mentioned, Sony revealed nothing meaningful regarding its next-gen console, so we don’t know when PS5 would come out. However, according to some rumors, PlayStation 5 would come out anytime between 2019 and 2021. Most likely, PS5 would hit the shelves in 2020, but there’s nothing official to confirm that release date.

In reality, 2020 sound like the ideal year for a PS5 release since Sony is skipping E3 2019, and, apparently, it’s working on something big. There should be a good reason behind the Japanese company’s decision to ditch next year’s E3.

PS5 Would Launch With An Astonishing Design

We don’t know how the PlayStation 5 would look like, and there is no official information on that, so everything we know about Sony’s next-gen console design comes from concepts released on the Internet, allegedly, based on various leaks.

In the image below, you can see the latest PlayStation 5 concept:

PlayStation 5 Backward Compatibility and Graphics

As in the case with the other rumors regarding PS5, the PlayStation 5 backward compatibility is not officially announced by Sony. So, everything we have on this topic comes from rumors. Accordingly, PlayStation 5 might indeed come out with backward compatibility, allowing users to play PS4 games and, who knows, maybe even PS3 titles. That would be lovely, wouldn’t be?

As for the PS5 graphics, recent leaks an rumors say that PlayStation 5 would go beyond the 4K of PS4 Pro so that it would support 8K resolutions and 120 FPS.

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