Remote iOS 12 Jailbreak Might Come Via WebKit Exploit

Safari has been announced as a potential exploit for both iOS and macOS, and that would be the key to a remote iOS 12 jailbreak, as Linus Henze informed. According to him, that vulnerability affects devices running iOS 12.1 or lower. Henze, who is a renowned security researcher and developer, posted about the WebKit exploit on his Twitter page and his followers using iOS 12.1 found the information very useful as they learned how to protect their iOS-based devices against threats.

In addition to Linus Henze, Min Zheng, aka Spark, a staff member at Alibaba IT security department and a popular figure in the iOS jailbreaking community, indicated that an iOS 12 jailbreak is coming soon. He also referred to the vulnerability found within Safari for iOS and macOS.

According to Min Zheng, the WebKit exploit might be handy for jailbreakers to develop a remote iOS 12 jailbreak. That’s why many of the iOS jailbreak community’s members think that an iOS 12 jailbreak might be coming soon.

Remote iOS 12 Jailbreak Might Come Via WebKit Exploit

“Community members could see that the bug acts similar to RegEx on affected platforms. Thanks to this WebKit exploit, anyone who knows enough about jailbreaking could perform such a process. Thus, affected iOS devices could be ”cleaned” directly from the affected browser – Safari,” wrote the folks from TechNewsWatch.

“Note that POP technology was not created by us. We saw it in many public exploits and then summarize this code reuse attack technique for systematic study. The main contribution of this talk is to build a defense mechanism for POP, not the attack part. Thanks,” said Min Zheng, aka Spark, on Twitter.

Zheng, in a more recent post on Twitter, also announced that iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 XNU code had been released. “Finally, iOS 12/macOS 10.14 XNU source code released” by Apple, Spark informed on his Twitter page, suggesting that a remote iOS 12 jailbreak might come out soon, most likely, via the WebKit exploit recently discovered.

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