Samsung Galaxy S10 Cancellation Is In The Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the South Korean company’s anniversary smartphone to celebrate ten years of Galaxy S series. However, Samsung has confirmed the cancellation of Samsung Galaxy S10 feature. That information popped up thanks to a Forbes article written by Gordon Kelly.

“This week Samsung gave users a glimpse into the future of its smartphone design, and it features an all-new bezel-less ‘punch hole’ Infinity-O display and the end of the headphone jack,” said Gordon Kelly from Forbes.

“The Infinity-O display is the breaking news attributes of the recently released Samsung Galaxy A8s. “Its arrival also follows earlier reports that Samsung planned to remove the headphone jack from the Galaxy Note 10 and was now “toying” with pulling it from the Galaxy S10 as well. The USB-C port will be left, and a separate conversion jack will be provided for 3.5mm earphone users,” said Kelly, according to sources.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Cancellation Is In The Rumors

The new rumors revealed that the future Galaxy S10 would ditch the 3.5-mm jack, choosing the USB-C port, but, according to recent rumor. ” USB-C will be left, and a separate conversion jack will be provided for 3.5mm earphone users,” as the sources claimed for Forbes.

“Samsung still has enough time to tweak the Galaxy S10 in either direction (it is likely gauging the reaction to the Galaxy A8s as we speak) and leaked cases for the S10 have shown designs both with and without a headphone jack. But this one is clearly going down to the wire,” said Gordon Kelly from the Forbes.

“I suspect Samsung knows this, which is why the Galaxy S10 otherwise comes jampacked with cutting-edge features including the world’s first ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader, up to four rear cameras, the option of 5G connectivity and a new entry-level budget model,” Kelly added on Forbes.

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