How to Install Showbox for iPhone and iPad

Everyone has heard of Showbox, which is the most popular app for streaming and downloading movies and TV shows. There are many movies that you can watch online (without money spent – that’s the best thing about this app: it’s all free). It’s this popular because of its features – and mostly because it lets you watch unlimited movies. People are so crazy about the latest movies and TV shows, so we really need this kind of app. It has amazing features, and now it’s free for you.

We’ve written this article to show you how to download the app for iPad and iPhone. You can get it directly on your device without having to install a jailbreak. This is a very good alternative to MovieBox for iOS. Install everything using a VPN for an increased security.

The first choice:

First of all, you need to install Vshare. Then, press the download un-jailbroken button, then the install button. The process will start automatically; then you’ll find the app in the menu of your device. Open Vshare – the app will ask you to check that it’s a trusting app. Tap on trust for secure usage. Then, you need to look for Moviebox. The app will start downloading; after that, you need to tap on it to install it. After it gets installed, it will automatically appear on the menu. Then do exactly as you did for Vshare and tap on trust for secure usage.

The second choice:

This one is also called the IPA method. You need to open the Safari web browser and go for Showbox IPA for iOS 6 or below. Then, tap on Moviebox app IPA for iOS 7 or above. Then, you’ll see a button that will directly install the app on your iOS device.

Have a look at Showbox alternatives here.

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