Join the LIVE GTA 5 Online Update which Brings New Arena War Modes

Grand Theft Auto V fans have been waiting this event for a long time. Now, the GTA V online update is finally LIVE and it brings exciting news for passionate gamers. The update is also called “Arena War” and it’s going to be an intense, competitive experience. It couldn’t be otherwise, since it comes with new modes for the mentioned stage.

Arena War update arrived in the online version of GTA V on December 11th and it will last until the 17yh of the same month. It is available for all support systems: PS4, Xbox One and PC. Players already know that the online mode of GTA is the correspondent multiplayer variant for Grand Theft Auto V.

Gamers are encouraged to enroll in the LIVE event as soon as possible

It looks like the Maze Bank Arena will host the online update and participants will have to ”fight until the end”. Every person who loves playing GTA V shouldn’t miss this opportunity, because it is their chance to get new items and increase their capacity to advance throughout the game.

According to the game’s developers, Rockstar, Arena War brings the possibility to acquire new, custom-made vehicles and seven modes. Furthermore, the update lets you win Arena Points, items that you can use for moving through the ranks and unlocking more useful features.

Next to the free in-game shirts, Arena War players can get discounts for the following items:

  • Mk II Weapon Upgrades & Customization;
  • Body Armour;
  • Luxury Finishes;
  • MG & Combat MG;
  • Explosives & Throwables;
  • Snipers;
  • Pistols;
  • SMGs;

Sounds tempting, right? If you want to see for yourself what the GTA V online update brings, join the LIVE event right now!

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