Google Chrome To Add A Dark Mode And Tab Grouping Feature

The developers of Google Chrome are already working on new features for the browser, and the latest information points to two important new features, in particular, namely, the arrival of a dark mode and tab grouping function. Recently, Google Chrome is available in a new version that added significant new features for the benefit of users, which are related to misleading advertising and the audio of specific videos on websites.

The two new features already being tested in Google Chrome have nothing to do with those mentioned above, but possibly one of them is of great interest to users, namely a dark mode theme for the most popular Internet browser.

Google Chrome To Add A Dark Mode

The first of the novelties that have been seen in Chromium and Chrome Canary trial versions is the new dark mode. Apparently, Google Chrome would adopt the dark mode it has planned to implement in macOS Mojave to Windows and Linux OSs. That is, the dark mode would reach all three operating systems at the same time through an internal code change in the macOS version, which would enable the official introduction of this dark theme in the Chrome for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

The new design would color the whole browser in black, but with vivid color icons and typographies in white, so that everything is perfectly legible by the user.

It is not known yet when the dark mode for Google Chrome would come out, although, according to some images released online, it is clear that it will soon become a reality. Most likely, the new dark mode would come in Google Chrome in the first month of 2019.

A Tab Grouping Function Would Also Come In Google Chrome

Tabs have been a significant part of Google Chrome since its first version. They offer different options, such as the possibility of duplicating them or silencing them, among other features.

Tabs in Google Chrome have even slightly changed their design over time, but the novelty currently under works at Google would offer users the possibility of grouping tabs of similar content in a single one on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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