Best Alternatives for Showbox and Moviebox, but use them with a VPN

Recently, Showbox and Moviebox users went through frustrating times when they tried to access the apps. They discovered that the streaming platforms are not working and this situation went on for days. As you might already know, ShowBox is an app which facilitates the Android users’ access to free movies and TV shows. MovieBox does the same thing for the iOS community.

With all their popularity, Moviebox and Showbox stopped working a few weeks ago. The situation went on for days and of course users didn’t like it. After a while, both apps started to work again, but went down after a few days and so on.

According to an official statement coming from developers, they had to stop the Showbox and Moviebox projects because of the legal issues caused by the unauthorized use of copyright protected content. A coalition of film studios followed a lawsuit action against them for enabling free access to material which should be paid.

What legal alternatives are there?

Even if now both Showbox and Moviebox are back on track, we should avoid using them. There are safer alternatives which work just as well.

  1. Popcorn Time – it’s best to use it with a VPN and it offers access to high-quality online video content right on the viewer’s mobile or desktop;
  2. Kodi – this is one of the most popular IPTV streaming apps. It doesn’t facilitate access to copyright-protected content, but you can install third-party add-ons for Kodi that do. The app can be downloaded on almost every platform, but iOS users need to have jailbroken devices or perform a special setup procedure where they will need a Mac running Xcode 7;
  3. TeaTV – This is an app which can be used on all operating systems, including Android, macOS and Windows. It comes with an updated library of movies and programs for all ages.

Each of these apps is a viable alternative for Showbox or Moviebox. If you want to download one of them, don’t forget to use a VPN as well.

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