Xbox Scarlett Leaks – Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console Was Codenamed “Anaconda”

Undoubtedly, the life cycle of the current-gen consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, is coming closer to its end. Increasingly more rumors and leaks emerge online regarding the future PlayStation 5 from Sony, revealing more and more aspects about Sony’s next console. Now, it’s time for Xbox Scarlett to be in the news. According to recent Xbox Scarlett leks, Microsoft’s next-gen console was codenamed “Anaconda,” and it would boast some astonishing specifications.

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console Was Codenamed “Anaconda”

Jez Corden from Windows Central reported on Twitter that, according to some sources, the next-gen Xbox development kit was codenamed “Anaconda.” If that’s indeed correct, it means that Microsoft respected its tradition to codename its consoles using reptile names. For example, the Xbox One was nicknamed “Durango,” while Xbox One X was called “Chuckwalla.”

But that’s not all we got on the future Xbox Scarlett, Microsoft’s next-gen console. Also according to some recent Xbox Scarlett leaks, the next-gen video games console would come out with some astonishing specifications.

Xbox Scarlett Leaks Show The The Next-Gen Console Would Boast Astonishing Specs

According to the latest Xbox Scarlett leaks, Microsoft’s next-gen console would come out equipped with the upcoming AMD CPU and GPU technology. Under the hood, Xbox Scarlett would pack Zen 2 and the custom-made Navi GPU architecture that will use GDDR6 memory.

That would be a huge leap forward from the Polaris-based GPU used in the Xbox One, S, and Xbox One X video game consoles. Also, it would a more performant architecture than the HBM2 in Vega and the GDDR5 memory used on the Radeon RX 400/500 series.

Besides this information, we don’t know much about Xbox Scarlett. Also, we don’t know anything on when will Microsoft’s next-gen console come out on the market. However, according to some rumors, Xbox Scarlett would hit the shelves somewhen in 2020.

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