“Boosting” in Online Games Can Now Send You To Prison in South Korea

“Boosting” in games means to speed up the process of earning awards or experience points, usually in an online game. Typically, this procedure employs methods that are not 100 percent encouraged by developers or gamers. However, many players still use “boosting.” Now, “boosting” in online games is a criminal offense and can send you to prison in South Korea.

There are dozens of “boosting” methods, but, in South Korea, playing on other persons’ accounts to boost their ranking is a common issue. It’s such a big enough problem that the South Korean government debated that recently. In conclusion, they said that “boosting” is a criminal offense and every player found “boosting” in online games might go to prison.

In South Korea, there are dozens of people and companies which are providing “boosting” services as part of their business, especially for some online games like Overwatch and League of Legends, two of the most popular games in South Korea.

“Boosting” in Online Games Can Now Send You To Prison in South Korea

According to the South Korean government, “boosting” low-skill players to higher ranked matches is unbalancing an online game ecosystem. As reported by the government, gamers caught “boosting” in online games might face a fine of 20 million won (roughly $18,000) or two years in prison.

While sending people in prison for as little as “boosting” in online games look like an extreme decision, the South Korean government believes that’s a normal sentence for those gamers who choose to “cheat” and get an advantage over other players. Definitely, we’ll never see something like that in the United States, Canada, or any other country in the world.

However, South Korea is renowned for its policies against cheating in games. On the other hand, would seem more reasonable for games devs to make the games sort out “boosters” and downgrade them.

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