Saints Row 5 Newest Leaks – Might Be A Multiplayer Game

The gaming industry is full of rumors about games that everyone is waiting for. However, some of the speculated names might not be released very soon or they might not come at all. Even so, their fans community is waiting for news and they are grateful for every piece of information.

One of those controversial games is Saint Row 5. Nobody knows if this game will ever come, let alone some details about its features. Developers won’t say anything about this game, so we can’t be sure if they are planning to release it. Their decision could be determined by some setbacks experienced by the developing company during the last few years.

If it comes, Saint Row 5 might be a multiplayer game

Everything we’ve heard so far about Saint Row 5 is based on speculations and rumours. However, we could try to make some predictions based on previous versions of the game. As we know, the first parts of Saint Row have been based on single-player mode.

On the other hand, fans have always been asking for multiplayer possibilities. If Volition takes their feedback into consideration, chances are that they will release the Saint Row 5 with this improvement. In addition, the new version of the game could offer players the possibility to make microtransactions. Thus, fans could enjoy a good in-game customization.

The title and release date arise other controversy. Since nobody can provide any leaks on the Saints Row 5, fans are getting anxious to learn more information. During the last months the game has been under more attention than before.

This makes people think that developers are finally working on it, especially since the series’ main writer joined the Volition team again. If the game is ever released, we might hear more about it soon.

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