AMD Launched Three Applications On Windows 10 Store

The leading brands of PC components are sure that Windows 10 is here to stay for a long time and that they must adapt to it. Although AMD still offers its applications as a traditional download, it is not convenient for the renowned brand to leave aside the potential provided by the Windows 10 Store. Now AMD made available three applications on the Microsoft Store.

AMD is one of the most popular chipset and graphics card manufacturers. It directly competes with Intel in the CPU market and with NVidia in the graphics card market.

AMD Display Optimizations

AMD Display Optimizations app offers an easy-to-use toggle option that allows you to turn Radeon’s display quality functions on or off. It includes the following:

  • AMD Screen Optimizations ON: With Radeon FreeSync2 and Enhanced Sync technology, AMD’s Screen Optimizations option eliminates breakage through ultra-low latency, improving the viewing experience;
  • AMD Screen Optimizations OFF: All screen optimizations from Radeon Software are disabled;
  • Available profiles and features may vary depending on the configuration of the Radeon graphics card;
  • A monitor and an AMD Radeon graphics card, both of which are FreeSync compatible, are required. For full details, visit Before making a purchase, confirm the capability of the system with the manufacturer;

AMD Graphics Profile

The AMD Graphics Profile application provides one-click energy savings and performance enhancement profiles for Radeon graphics cards. Supported profiles include the following:

  • Game: Allows you to optimize the AMD Radeon graphics card and get the best gaming performance;
  • Balanced: Allows you to adjust the Radeon graphics card to balance gaming performance and power consumption;
  • Energy Saving: With Radeon Chill technology, this profile optimizes the Radeon graphics card to save energy or extend battery life;

AMD Radeon Settings Lite

AMD Radeon Settings Lite is an application for AMD Radeon graphics card users to control their GPU through a user-friendly interface.

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