Don’t Expect Dragon Age 4 Too Soon – At Least Three More Years of Waiting

BioWare is working at the next Dragon Age game, and this is something that has already been confirmed by the studio. Hudson already made a blog post in which he lets fans know that the upcoming Dragon Age game is currently in the works:

“If you’ve been following these blogs, or myself and Mark Darrah on Twitter, you know we’re also working on some secret Dragon Age stuff. Dragon Age is an incredibly important franchise in our studio, and we’re excited to continue its legacy. Look for more on this in the coming month (though I won’t tell you where to look …).”

This post referred to the Game Awards which took place the following month. During the event we received a teaser for Dragon Age 4. The video did not offer too many spoilers, but we had a chance to meet the god of betrayal from Dragon Age: Inquisition, Fen’Harel. The trailer lasted one minute and it did not offer any details about a possible release date.

It will take more time

Sources close to the studio have revealed that the game is at least three years, away, which does not sound too good. However, we are not surprised. First of all, the studio had to leave Dragon Age aside for a moment and focus on Anthem. The sci-fi shooter is supposed to come out in February and it is already being tested.

There were also some problems. For example, writer Mike Laidlaw had to leave BioWare despite the fact that he had already prepared an outline for the game. EA is to blame for that, as BioWare had already started pre-production on Dragon Age. It appears that the project wasn’t matching their business model at that moment.

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  1. Terrible news for hardcore fans such as myself. At this point I just hope the wait is worth it and they don’t shit the bed like Bethesda just did with fallout 76. I have faith in BioWare.

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