Facebook Messenger Adds Boomerangs, Portrait Mode, And Augmented Reality Stickers

Facebook Messenger keeps on updating with new features frequently. The popular messaging application has added a multitude of new functions this year. However, the new Facebook Messenger update combines Boomerangs, portrait mode, and augmented reality stickers into one significant update. These new features complement some of those that have already arrived throughout the year to the Facebook Messenger.

Boomerangs And Portrait Mode Reached Facebook Messenger

Boomerangs effect has already reached Facebook, WhatsApp, and also Instagram. Therefore, it seemed that it was only a matter of time before Facebook Messenger would also introduce it. The way the boomerangs work on Facebook Messenger is similar to that on Instagram.

The portrait mode is something indispensable for many users, so it’s a feature that can be very much liked by Facebook Messenger users. Although, at the moment not much detail has been offered on how this feature would come into Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Adds Augmented Reality Stickers

The one that is possibly the star function in this Facebook Messenger update is the implementation of augmented reality stickers. In this feature, the stickers that come to the app come to life thanks to augmented reality. You’ll be able to recognize them because they have a camera icon next to them, inside the chat window. You are not going to have problems when it comes to identifying them.

Although, those augmented reality stickers that are 3D-animated seem to work better, and it appears that there are still a few aspects that Facebook Messenger has to improve or polish within this new feature.

Undoubtedly, Facebook Messenger received a significant update. The application is usually a bit slow in delivering its new updates, so you probably don’t have access to these features yet. Possibly, the new features will roll out for every Facebook Messenger users this week.

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