WhatsApp For Android Now Added A Sort Of Picture-In-Picture Feature

WhatsApp adds a feature that will delight YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook users. Users who download the latest version of WhatsApp for Android will enjoy what iPhone users already have – now users can watch the videos in a floating window without leaving the chat.

The instant messaging service WhatsApp has incorporated in its latest version for Android devices the PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode, which allows viewing videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram without leaving the application. As the release notes detail, WhatsApp users will no longer be redirected out of the application when they try to play a video from one of the before-mentioned platforms.

Now, WhatsApp users can watch videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram in a floating window while they continue chatting with their friends.

WhatsApp For Android Now Allows Users To Play Videos In A Floating Window, Without Leaving The App

According to WhatsApp, the user can move the floating window or resize it, as well as play the videos in the full screen within the popular instant messaging application. However, to enjoy this feature, it is necessary to send the videos through the “Share” button. Accordingly, the new function in WhatsApp is entirely useless if you just copy and paste the link to the video. Also, the videos will close if you start a conversation with another contact besides the one who sent you the video.

WhatsApp has now rolled out the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode for Android that will allow users to view videos within a chat window, without opening third-party pages or apps.

This feature appeared in October in a WhatsApp Beta version for the Android Oreo, and now it has been officially introduced in WhatsApp 2.18.380 stable version which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. iPhone users, on the other hand, have enjoyed a similar function since the beginning of the year.

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