Windows Sandbox Would Reach Windows 10 Next Year

The features that Microsoft has gradually been incorporating in Windows 10 focus on a multitude of aspects, not only in the general performance of the system, but also in its appearance, functionality and, of course, security. Now, Microsoft announced the launch of Windows Sandbox, a new function that will reach Windows 10 next year.

Microsoft’s Windows Sandbox is actually a lightweight virtual machine that will allow users to run potentially suspicious software isolated from the operating system itself. According to some reports, this feature could reach every Windows 10 users in the next update, the 19H1. However, Microsoft chose to reveal some more details about the new function, Windows Sandbox, a feature related to security.

Windows Sandbox will be part of Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions only and will create an isolated and temporary desktop environment in which users can run potentially suspicious software without putting the entire system in danger.

Windows Sandbox Would Reach Windows 10 Next Year

Earlier this year, some rumors said that Microsoft was preparing a new security feature for Windows 10 called, at that time, “InPrivate Desktop.”

Now, via the company’s blog, the so-called Windows Sandbox has been officially announced, a feature about which Microsoft officials said that would be available to Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise users running 18301 or later. However, Microsoft has not yet made it available to the tester within Windows 10 Insider program, but it is expected to do so later this week.

At the same time, some said that Windows Sandbox could work on the build 18292 of Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, also, although that function requires AMD64 and virtualization capabilities enabled in the BIOS. Thus, this lightweight virtual machine is based on the technologies used in Windows containers, which uses a new technology called Microsoft integrated programmer and allows the host to decide when to run the Windows Sandbox to safeguard the security of the system.

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