OnePlus 5G Smartphone Image Leaked On The Internet

OnePlus has already announced its intentions to release a 5G-compatible phone soon. Even though the Chinese company did not hide anything about the evolution of the OnePlus 5G smartphone, surprisingly, no leaks have emerged on the Internet so far. Now, reportedly, we might have the first image of an upcoming OnePlus phone, possibly the 5G one.

Ishan Agarwal, one famous tipster when it comes to the tech industry, released an image on his Twitter page showing OnePlus CEO Pete Lau conducting a presentation of a new OnePlus smartphone.

“Here’s your first look at an upcoming OnePlus Device I don’t know much about. This image shows the device in the prototype/designing stage, and it is not final, but this is probably how the device may end up looking. That’s Pete (CEO of OP) in the image and the device itself,” said Ishan Agarwal on Twitter.

OnePlus 5G Smartphone Image Leaked On The Internet

As Agarwal reported, the device in the image above is still in the prototype stage so that the final design of the smartphone might be different. As we can see in the pic, the OnePlus device in the presentation boasts a shiny back case, while the main cameras are housed in a black circle.

According to some reports, the smartphone in the presentation is quite different from the OnePlus 6T, so, most likely, it’s not a successor of that device. Probably, this one is the prototype of the OnePlus 5G smartphone the Chinese company would soon.

The leak itself is a subject of debates. The presentation room is small, and we can only see three persons besides the one who took the photo. Allegedly, the photographer would’ve been observed by the others while taking the pic, so, most likely, the OnePlus team share the image on purpose with Ishan Agarwal, maybe to create some buzz regarding an upcoming OnePlus smartphone.

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