Windows Lite – Can It Outperform Chrome OS?

Many of you might already know about Windows RT and Windows 10 S, but how many of you have heard of Windows Lite? Not many, and that may be so because Windows Lite is currently under development at Microsoft. However, from what we know so far, the next operating software would be a fascinating one. Also, can it outperform Chrome OS in the sector of notebooks?

Windows Lite would be the future Microsoft operating system dedicated for notebooks and, allegedly, a competitor for Chrome OS and Chromebooks. It would be a lightweight version of Windows, and it will run UWP applications downloaded from the Microsoft store, along with Progressive Web Apps that operates similarly to an offline app but via an online service.

Windows Lite, as a part of Microsoft’s Always-Connected laptop project, would work with any type of CPU to give more options for manufacturers and customers, as well.

Windows Lite – Can It Outperform Chrome OS?

Now, Microsoft did not announce anything about how when it will release Windows Lite. However, the company might announce Windows Lite at the Microsoft Build 2019 conference which would be held somewhen between April and May 2019. Also, some rumors said that Windows Lite wouldn’t be available for purchase, but it would come pre-installed on various notebooks targeting students and home users.

We don’t know yet if Windows Lite would outperform Chrome OS but, thinking that Windows 10 S was a disaster, to some extent, Windows Lite has to be better, so, eventually, it might be a fierce competitor for Chrome OS in the sector of notebooks.

Also, as Chrome OS is “builds off of the familiarity of the Chrome browser,” as Digital Trends reported, Windows Lite might also try to “overhaul the idea of what an operating system should look and feel like,” and head to a new direction.

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