GTA 5 Comes As Cheapest As Possible on Amazon Prime

GTA 5 is one of the most popular games on the planet. It was one of gamers’ favorite ever since it was launched and it remains the same even if today players are tempted with other awesome releases. The gaming industry is evolving fast, so GTA 5 might not have all the modern features other games have, but its players can always enjoy a unique experience, regardless of the mode they chose.

Those who never played GTA 5 or played it on Xbox 360 or PS3 now have the chance to try something different. Amazon Prime gives everyone the opportunity to see how the game works on last generation consoles. This might be the only time when GTA 5 is available almost free, so fans should really consider this offer.

Someone should give passionate gamers an inspired Christmas gift

Nowadays, technology-related Christmas gifts are really appreciated. This means that a new game or anything from this field would make a passionate fan extremely happy. Twitch Prime comes with a great offer: it gives a $15 Amazon credit to customers for buying GTA 5.

This means that you can purchase anything that costs $15 via Amazon and you will get a new game – GTA 5 without additional charges. This is as good as it gets, so hurry up and grab the offer while you still can.

The only glitch emerging from this offer is that you’ll have to set up a Twitch Prime account and link it to your personal Amazon Prime account. This is the only way to make the offer work. As you might already know, Twitch Prime accounts are free if you use an Amazon Prime account, but the technical requirements ”say” that the buyer needs to have the account set up before making the purchase.

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