iPhone Sales Banned In Germany, Too, Over The Qualcomm Dispute

After China banned iPhone 7 and 8 sales after a court judged that Apple infringed the copyright of a  Qualcomm patent, Germany banned iPhone sales, too, over the Qualcomm dispute. The situation is now getting severe for Apple which has also been impacted by the US trade war with China, among other issues regarding its iPhone 2018 models.

According to Engadget, via Reuters, “a court in Munich, Germany ordered an injunction against Apple that will prevent the company from selling some iPhones in the country.” The decision is just a part of the legal conflict between Apple and Qualcomm. However, Apple acknowledged the court’s decision and halted the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 sales across Germany, but the company also appealed the ruling.

Qualcomm accused Apple of copyright infringement and, so far, the chipset manufacturer won in different jurisdictions across the world, most important being China and Germany, now.

iPhone Sales Banned In Germany, Too, Over The Qualcomm Dispute

According to Qualcomm, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are Apple’s devices that use Qualcomm technology, even though the phones boast components produced by Intel and Qorvo. Allegedly, Qualcomm is right about that, and Chinese and German courts already ruled against Apple, forcing the Cupertino-based company to halt iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 sales in Germany, as well as in China.

However, the situation faced by Apple in China, due to its dispute with Qualcomm, is more severe than the case in Germany, Accordingly, in China, Apple must seize the sales of more models, including, besides iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 series, iPhone 6, 6S, and iPhone X, too.

The Qualcomm dispute with Apple affected the Cupertino-based company more than everyone imagined because it came at a moment when the US trade war with China also impacts Apple and its iPhone 2018 models are not boasting the expected sales, and many bugs have been reported by users.

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