MX Player 1.10.31 Beta Is Now Available With Changes And Bug Fixes

MX Player is probably the best video player for Android, and it comes with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support. Now, it’s time for MX Player 1.10.31 Beta for Android to come out with some changes and bug fixes, plus some new functions for the beta testers to probe.

MX Player – Features

  • Hardware Acceleration – By using the new HW+ decoder, MX Player makes hardware acceleration possible for virtually any video you play with it;
  • Multi-Core Decoding – MX Player is the only Android video player to support multi-core decoding and a benchmark test revealed that MX Player runs by 70% better on dual-core Android devices than it does on single-core ones;
  • Gestures – MX Player is allowing users to use gestures to zoom in and zoom out, or pan and tilt;
  • Subtitle support – This excellent video player for Android enables users to use subtitles, and it also supports subtitle gestures to increase the size of fonts, scroll forward or backward, and so on;
  • Kids Lock – MX Player allows parents to use a feature called Kids Lock to block their kids’ access to other apps on the device when a video is playing;

MX Player Is The Most Popular Video Player For Android

MX Player totals more than 500 million downloads and installs on Android, according to the Google Play Store. Also, it scores an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 from about 7 million reviews on the Google Play Store.

Also, the user reviews are positive, and there are hundreds of millions of happy people who play videos with MX Player, which means that this video player for Android is by far the most popular and appreciated one.

MX Player 1.10.31 Beta Is Now Available With Changes And Bug Fixes

Just recently, MX Player 1.10.31 Beta rolled out with some bug fixes, under the hood changes, and some features, yet not unveiled by the devs, for the beta testers to probe. According to the official release notes, MX Player 1.10.31 comes out with the following:

  • Fixed: Soft navigation buttons are invisible on some devices
  • Fixed: License validation issues on devices with Android 8 and newer versions
  • Fixed: Unable to toggle Background Play from the quick shortcuts

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